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“History is a fragment of biology—the human moment in the pageantry of species.”—Will Durant, The Age of Louis XIV

Right there is the convergence towards oneness of which I speak.

A line tossed off maybe sixty years ago in an unread volume, containing the pregnant seeds of the oneness lying at hand, satori, enlightenment, higher, divine wisdom, Zen, whatever you want to call it.

For it comes in a multitude of terms, but its essence is unity.

History, all we as human species have done and learned and expressed, as a fragment of biology—only a tiny part, the human part and moment in the 4.5 billion year (at least on planet earth) unfolding of species.

Life is ALL there is.

The eternal flow, The Great Passing Through from one generation to the next.

Again, whatever you want to call it. The words merely shells, the trick being to see beyond them, through them.

That divinely inspired line popped into Will Durant’s head less than sixty years ago. He passed away 36 years ago.

The exact years are not important, but the crucial thing to grasp is the fact that such a simple sounding line as the above couldn’t have been written as early as say one hundred years ago. We as human species were simply not ready. All the myriad fragments of knowledge and learning hadn’t yet been assimilated and digested.

And what’s more, the writer, had he or she been courageous enough to publish such a notion, would have been reviled, vilified, condemned from every quarter.


Because huge, seemingly insurmountable resistances, deep psycho-spiritual obstacles lie between us and the final transcendent awakening. History is replete with snags, pitfalls and traps.

We as a species are terrified of the Truth.

The stories we’ve told ourselves since the dawn of our time have fostered our sense of community, bolstered the group think, the group feel, but situated us at the very center of it all, where we do not belong.

And now finally, the time has come to transcend those old stories and awaken to the simple Living Truth.

We are but a small part of the totality of Living Flow.

And again, as always, Life is ALL there is.