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I haven’t created a video in over two years now, so it never ceases to amaze me that people still find their way to them, watch, and even comment now and then. Here’s a reply to the latest message from a viewer:

Thanks Marcus, it’s much appreciated. 

  More is coming, though very slowly. 

  At this stage I have no other choice, for as much as I look around no one is conveying the message that needs to be conveyed… the Eternal Message: that Life is one and we the living are a part of its Living Flow, and that if we can only tap back into that flow we will know Satori, know oneness, know what Joyce was ultimately getting at as Stephen EXPERIENCED the oneness in Ulysses and then what he spent the remaining twenty years or so of his life attempting to convey in Finnegans Wake. 

  Hundreds of voices are pointing in that direction in their own unique way, if only we can open our hearts and souls to realize that fact. Different languages, different mediums, same message. Thinking divides in order to conquer and utilize, but in awakening we come to fully understand what Life truly is and then can work towards its reverence and nurture, utilizing what tools there are at hand for that goal alone. 

  I expect to resume the song sometime perhaps in the fall with shorter, less scripted videos celebrating those who heard the call and responded, often to their wonderment, joy, solitude, and suffering. 

  There is only one manifold message left to learn now, transcending all the old parochial visions and testaments. 

  Life is one, thinking divides it. 

  Thanks again, Jeff