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Three month since my last post.

But then, why post at all I sometimes ask myself?

Not that I grow disheartened. Far from it.

Only, I’ve developed a healthy mistrust of the written word. We’ve entered upon a strange unsettled time. The rabble is going to have its say, stridently uncouth, and I don’t want to be merely adding to the noise with these strange utterances.

Entirely predictable stuff, this cacophonous babel, if you look out upon the world from a certain point of view. The sort of point of view I’ve been advocating here, albeit awkwardly, and on YouTube.

That’s why the Omphalos Cafe has always been imagined as a place apart, quiet and calm and filled to the brim with tranquility and repose.

The noise of the city is Life too, just not the life I want to live.