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Toward a new Dawn….

  Three months since my last post.

Two months since I went back to work full time.

See the connection?

The truth is, slumming the days away in the Omphalos Cafe doesn’t put much food on the table, not yet at any rate. No hope of that on the horizon either as it dawns on me how far out this stuff must seem, how bizarre and flighty.

Case in point, the very first comment ever on one of my YouTube videos was: “This is the most ludicrous video I’ve ever seen.”

Substantive stuff.

But that’s the age we live in. Every one of us. The task lying before us is one of “separating the wheat from the chaff” as I wrote in my last post. And know this: things will get far more confusing, far more chaotic, before they take a turn for the better. If they ever truly do.

That sounds pessimistic but it’s not. It simply emerges from the realization that there never has been a ‘Golden Age’, never a better time than now, never a time or era when struggle, hardship and sacrifice wasn’t demanded of us before rewards and riches were offered.

“Ain’t nothin’ free,” I try to tell my boy, but it is a hard lesson to get across.

So it’s back to work, in the truck, on this blog and on the videos.

The Omphalos Cafe may seem ludicrous, but it is joyous to produce and its roots run deep into the soil such giants of the human spirit as Joseph Campbell, Oswald Spengler, James Joyce and Henry Miller, Thomas Mann and Herman Hesse, Will Durant, Friedrich Nietzsche, and countless others ploughed.

They pointed towards something, a convergence of all learning, and now they have passed.

That convergence is what the Cafe is all about.

Blessings and a Happy New Year.