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  Laughter is a great medicine. Laughter of the Cosmic kind I would add. Not the derisory, Life negating snicker or cackle resorted to by the paralyzed and cynical, but the whole hearted Life affirming defiant Cosmic laughter of the Laughing Buddha, the Holy Goof, the Cosmic Clown and the Laughing Fool of the Tarot. 

  It stems from an acceptance and a courageous willingness to play one’s part regardless of outcome or reward or anything ‘society’ would associate with a certain no doubt misunderstood activity. 

  And who likes or even trusts someone who is incapable of laughter, such as Mr. Trump for example? The man wouldn’t and couldn’t laugh unless an old lady fell at his feet and a few coins rolled out of her purse to settle beneath his polished Gucci shoe. Obama on the other hand loves to laugh and loves to share laughter with others. There’s a man!

  But I don’t do politics. It’s just too serious these days. 

  Friends of mine, the few I truly appreciate, love a good guffaw. Though it rarely shows up in my writings I do too! How could I not when this whole Cafe thing is a Cosmic Joke! This whole thing of a fella believing deep in his heart that the answer to all the so-called mysteries of Life are fully within our grasp if only we awaken to the simple truth of that fact! And then the incredible notion that most people won’t because they are too embroiled in Maya, in the world of illusion, in Folly and the game society is hell-bent on playing (hell being not entirely out of place here) to open up to! How hilarious! And sort of sad if it weren’t so ridiculous. 

  But of course we all have a choice, so rather than attempt to beat people over the head with it why not laugh instead and go on with our quiet task of sharing simple truths with the few who for whatever reason have decided upon a journey to their own Heaven and self?

  As a female voice urged a co-worker from somewhere behind me on the bus I drive, “wash the coal dust out of your ears!” I laughed at that. Beautifully put. Fucking Wake Up!

  Face forward I say! And forward march, dance, jig and jag, hop skip and jump, hand spring and cartwheel too! 

  But above all laugh. 

  Life is a Gift and a wonder…

  And it’s all we’ve got…

  So play on!