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 “… life is like a current passing from germ to germ through the medium of a developed organism.”—Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

  I’ve used that quotation before. 

  But I’m sitting out in my solarium alongside germinating plants listening to meditative music and rereading Bergson, and coming across the line again I know there is an unspeakable living profundity in it. 

  You and I are the developed organisms, or developing at any rate, and because of specific adaptations our forebears underwent tens of thousands of years ago we have developed the capacity to hold on to definite images and ideas in the frontal lobes of our brains. 

  We think.

  But the thinking is fixed and static. It excels at inanimate objects and even subtly or grossly mistakes animate creatures for inanimate objects. It comprehends the fixed ideas of ‘germs’ and even ‘developed organisms’ to a certain extent, and prides itself on manipulating those ideas, ‘germs’, and even ‘developed organisms’, but it falls woefully, fatally, catastrophically short when it comes to comprehending the current. 

  And the current in Bergson’s quote above is nothing less than Life!

  And folks, the avenues leading to the comprehension of the current of Life are poetry and art, meditation, yoga, and Zen.

  What’s more, to comprehend the current of Life is to fully Live it.

  Be the Current and you will know Satori, enlightenment, the absolute, god, Buddhahood, or whatever the sages throughout the ages have called it. 

  Oneness with Life…

  Because after all… 

  Life is ALL there is.