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  “In vain we force the living into this or that one of our molds. All the molds crack. They are too narrow, above all too rigid, for what we try to put into them. [Life!]”—Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

  I quietly go my own way. That, from the very beginning, was the essence of the Omphalos Cafe. A retreat from the ways of the world, you might say, but I’d sharpen that to the ways of humankind in the world. 

  The ways of the world are natural, living. But our ways, dominated by thought and idea, are not. And now our ways threaten the natural living world on every side, in almost every act of ours’. 

  And it is hard to get away from. I see the attempt everywhere though: vegans and back to the landers, neo-hippies (a wonderful young couple have moved in directly behind me) and nomadic van dwellers, individuals striving to forge their own more organic connection to the natural world.

  The doors of the Omphalos Cafe will always be open to those striving individuals. 

  Life bless them!