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Come dance with me for a spell.

Not the sort of dancing people do to the music of today. No, I’m talking about a different kind of dance. We once knew how to do it instinctively, without thinking and with grave joy and even rapture. But today very very few know how, and those that do are mostly in remote and inaccessible regions. And what’s more their numbers are dwindling.

Now, how can I describe this dance using these poor inadequate words? Because these words, regardless of how adept and artful I am with them, are just words. They are not the actual movement, rhythm, and flow of the dance. Although, to confuse the issue, there are a great many people enamoured and beguiled by words who would try to tell you otherwise. But they are wrong, mislead people and themselves, and do not know how to dance.

Ahhh, but we all knew how to dance many many generations ago. A people, and there are and have been many peoples upon planet earth, know how to dance when they are young culturally and live close to or at one with the land and its plants and animals. Indeed, the plants and animals upon a land are forever locked in the dance and a people’s dance echos a great many of their movements and rhythms.

However, time marches on, peoples gather together into villages, trade develops, towns take shape, and finally cities sprout and the plants and animals, still locked in the dance, largely disappear. By the time that has happened a great many words, thoughts and learned ideas, complexities and confusions have piled up, and the bigger the pile the more people forget how to dance.

It’s getting late, and I’ve grown tired of these poor inadequate words.

Come dance with me for a spell.