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  I haven’t written much lately. Not for the blog at any rate. 

  The truth is I don’t feel any sense of obligation to put things continually into words, things, furthermore, which when all is said and done cannot be put into words. 

  Why? Because we as a species have been saddled with a fundamental—foundational—mistruth. 

  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.” 

  That’s John 1:1, part of a book which like it or not is part of our heritage and indeed part of our spiritual and intellectual make-up. 

  But books are written by men and women, and back in the day when these particular words saw the light of written day, let’s say between two and four thousand years ago and perhaps even more, not everybody could read or write. Those who could were mostly of the priestly class and the ability to read and write conferred a certain degree of status and authority, as do the letters Ph.D. today. 

  Then, as perhaps today, knowledge was occasionally power. And then, as definitely today, those in possession of power were motivated by self-interest to hold on to and even broaden it. 

  So it shouldn’t be hard to imagine that people who had dedicated their lives to words and the writing of books might pen: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.”

  But others through all ages have disagreed. Men and women of action and deed have lived their lives and left their marks. Their actions and deeds are expressions of life too, and hence, as John might have put it but did not, were with God as well. 

  Ahhh, what is it I am trying to say with these pitiful Words?


  Don’t be fooled…

  Life is ALL there is!