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It’s not easy resuming this writing thing after a hiatus of what, six months?

However, quiet, even silence, can be rich and rewarding in the long run. And truth be known I’ve never felt any sort of obligation to this blog or even you the reader, and certainly never felt an urge to grow the subscriber base by playing the game of “I’ll subscribe to you if you’ll subscribe to me.”

That’s simply not at the heart of what I have in mind here.

So what, you might ask, do I have in mind?

Ahh, dear reader (if there are any left), that is for you to discover—within yourself no less. If, that is, you have the courage and nowadays more importantly, the time.

But it is not riddles I’m speaking here.


Imagine for a moment a younger you who exults in slapping around a small black rubber disc with a stick of wood. You express a desire to excel in the game, make a life work of it and play at the very highest professional levels. And I in the interest of instructing you encourage the reading and profound study of twenty or thirty books on hockey, a process which might require ten or more years of diligence. What can possibly be the outcome of that?

Well, here at the Cafe it isn’t hockey I’m referring to but Life. And the books I speak of here in the Cafe are not the books I speak of in the above example. They are the words of individuals who played the game themselves and who encourage and exhort you to get out there and Play too!