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Version 2

Sipping coffee in my favourite Saturday morning shop.

Friendly place with plenty of hushed conversations and Amy Winehouse  playing softly over the speakers.

The place is so friendly it was featured in Westjet’s latest ‘friendly Canadian’ April Fools spoof on YouTube.

Anyway, on the way here a little white car pulled up and an incongruously large man jumped out and waylaid me. Ed’s exceedingly tall, with long wispy grey hair and he’s the minister at the nearby Lantern Church.

This morning he was looking mildly stressed, as I can well imagine he might be after assuming responsibility for our little community newsletter.

The upshot was he wanted to include a section promoting local bloggers in our sleepy little local rag.

“Nooo,” I said as politely as I could. “I appreciate the thought, but what I’m trying to do is not really that accessible.”

“I mean,” he pressed on, “it wouldn’t be whole posts, but just sort of short blurbs letting people know what’s going on around the ‘hood social media-wise.”

I wasn’t having anything of it.

After a brief period of neophyte silliness when I imagined this thing I’m doing as galvanizing conversation, I’ve mainly come to realize that it could never and should never go mainstream.

That is, this only looks like a blog.

It’s really more of an underground movement.

Way underground too.

No matter.

I fully understand how hard it would be to recognize, but time is on my side.

Time and genius that is.

Not mine. Others.

“I am therefore always surprised at the learned, who seem to suppose that poetizing proceeds not from life to the poem, but from the book to the poem.”—Johann Peter Eckermann, Conversations With Goethe 

Or, as I like to say,

Life is ALL there is….