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A coordinated super-organism, I like that...

A coordinated super-organism, I like that…

“The link that binds all these individuals together into one coordinated super-organism is a highly effective system of communication.”—David Attenborough, Life on Earth

No, Attenborough is not referring to humans here, but he might as well be. What he’s referring to are termites toiling away in their clay towers, genetically linked, hardwired if you will to accomplish the Great Passing Through—the generational flow of Life—in a tightly bound group, a colony, thousands upon thousands of cell-like individuals active—being—in unison.

Life is miraculous that way. Infinitely diverse and supremely adaptable to conditions. Plants and animals, insects, birds and microbes all wholly involved in ensuring the Flow from one generation to the next.

Humankind is no different. We accomplish the Great Passing Through in groups, communities—colonies too. Only we’ve shucked off the hard carapace of instinct, behaviour inextricably bound to matter—most of it at any rate—… for what? —God! That which cannot be put into words.

As instinct it is wordless Living Deed, one with the flow; freed from instinct it remains the wordless Living Deed, ineffable, mysterious, beyond our limited ken.

How many and varied are the spokes leading back to the hub! Psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion, art, poetry, music… love.

Still, ‘it’, God, Life, whatever you choose to call it, is the ever-ongoing Flow. Over the aeons humankind has evolved the wondrous capacity to step outside of ‘it’—thanks to our ‘highly effective system of communication’—and give ‘it’ a name, God, Allah, what have you. Alas, all too often we lose ourselves in the names.

Nevertheless, name or no-name, it remains the ever ongoing Flow of generations.


And Life is ALL there is…..