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You don't have to blur your eyes, I blurred them for you

You don’t have to blur your eyes, I blurred them for you

Could we watch time lapse of our parent’s parents through our parents to us and on to our offspring and beyond, focusing on the flow… and could we recognize that flow in all living beings, we would comprehend Life and experience the wellsprings of God.

My latest, only second, tweets at @omphaloscafe had to be chirped in two parts. That darned tweet character counter drops like a turd (unsavory continuity of image).

No matter, if we could squint our eyes and blur the focus on individuals in order to perceive the ever ongoing flow….

However, these days even when we seek out ‘enlightenment’, ‘atonement’, ‘satori’, we do so for our own ‘personal growth’. If we truly knew what we were about, had we the genuine teachers of tomorrow, we would seek to perceive and comprehend our ‘unpersonal flowth!’ We would de-emphasize our own role and will in the affair and celebrate the unfathomable passing through that is the essence of the matter.

We would know….