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Technology and what goes on here at the Omphalos Cafe do not always go hand in hand. In fact I would posit that a solid grounding in our modern world, technologically speaking, is an impediment to the sort of awareness and consequent oneness with ourselves and the world about at the heart of this strange place.

That is, in this day in age at any rate, sharpness of intellect is rarely aligned with psycho-spiritual acuity. However, here at the Cafe all is known and treated as one and therefore the two cannot be mutually exclusive.

All that’s to say I am a latecomer to the techno-party taking place around the globe. Years—decades—were spent with a great many old fashioned books weighing on my satchel and eyes. One thing I’ve learned above all is there is no substitute for time. Our educational system has brought us along this far, and more than a few years is required to undo the damage. Collectively, we’re in need of therapy and there is no quick drug fix, as can be drawn from the debacle of the sixties.

Time is needed. Time to open up. Time to digest, assimilate, incorporate. Time to throw off our old centre, time to search and perhaps awaken to a new one.


But of course who has the sort of time required? Time to listen, read, mull, ponder and reflect? Time to act, and then listen, read, mull, ponder, and reflect once more.

Who indeed?

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