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A vessel... and a reflection

A vessel… and a reflection

There’s a tale, epic in proportion as all culture-encompassing opuses are, which has yet to be told. I see it as a sort of tale-to-end-all-tales return to innocence, a summation of all we’ve struggled so hard for so long to comprehend, a culminating Western gift to humankind, whether or not we human-kinds have time or place to attend being another matter. The elements of the tale are all around us, the seeds lie in the soils at hand. Who will give it form is a mystery enfolded in the future.

Won’t be me, of course. We all need play to our strengths, and weaving huge tapestries of tale is not mine. Plus, time is running short. Fast approaching the half century in years I realize all too well the time and effort I’ve put into simply arriving where I am, wherever that may be—ok, right here at the Omphalos Cafe. And, I figure I’ve only a scant twenty-five years ahead—a heartbeat in Time.

No, others to come will give essential living form to the story I see before my eyes—our story, your’s and mine and indeed everyone’s past and present.

The Cafe then as incubator, as chrysalis? Perhaps. My little contribution to what may come.

No matter, joy in Life…. Play.

But I was talking about a story, the story to one day come. What do I see?

An end to the fruitless quest that has been our obsession for nigh a thousand years or more.

From the Grail legends and especially Wolfram Von Eschenbach’s monumental Parzival onward the West has been virtually synonymous with the quest. But why?


I see a tale delving to the psycho-spiritual roots of our alienation. Continuing the metaphor, if the quest is a clamoring among the boughs and branches of a great cultural/civilizational tree, an examination of twig and leaf, what is to come is less a quest than the realization that we ARE the tree and that what we seek need be sought inward, downward to the very roots. And what’s more, through the roots we come to understand our identity with all Life great and small.

Stillness and peace in the Now.