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An awful long way from shore to shore....

An awful long way from shore to shore… that is, if there truly is another shore

Psychology and Spirituality.

The two are one, and together they are the key to bridging the cavernous gap between the plant and animal world and that of homo-sapiens, you and I.

But examined apart, either as the airy-fairy world of the spirit or the hard empirically logical world of psychology, they become neutered. Which is pretty much where we find ourselves today: lost in a cultural labyrinth of our own making, lost amidst the pullulating bric-a-brac of a civilization running amok on planet earth.

Only these last hundred years or so have a few isolated souls striven to build a bridge linking us and potentially our way of Life back to the organic wonders of the plant and animal kingdom. Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, James Joyce and Oswald Spengler, and of course Joseph Campbell, are just a few of the men and women who have done foundational work on the span. More are needed, lest we in our careening cultural juggernaut, increasingly abstracted from the Living world, do irreparable damage to that world’s ability to support us.

Ah, but it has happened before. Civilizations have collapsed, clinging desperately and despairingly to old ways and old forms. The bridge linking their ways back to the Living world crumbled, fell to ruin and was lost and forgotten. Weeds, grasses, flowers and trees grow where cities once flourished. Life drags humankind back to Itself by the scruff of our necks.

And then the Artist, the Prophet–the Man–conceives a new bridge.