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  The Cafe has always been less an actual place than a state of mind and soul, and even a way of Life you might say. 

  Starting as a sort of refuge from the normalcy of conventional middle class family routine it very gradually grew and matured into a reason for being, and indeed, Life work. 

  Do I care that I have never earned a penny from it? Do I care about subscribers or ‘likes’? 

  Not in the least. 

  That’s what happens when you truly stumble upon your vocation, your calling. 

  It’s the reason why I can leave off posting for months at a time, content with what I’ve created, happy to quietly go my own way, mostly as far as possible from the hubbub, noise and strife that our modern age has become. Happy to read my books in obscurity and peace, knowing in my heart the almost utter futility of discussion, explanation, debate, or argument. 

  Truth blossoms out from within. And in order for it to blossom and flower forth there must be quiet, poetic/metaphoric light and water, and a nutrient rich psychic soil in which to sink deep its roots. 

  That’s not easy these days. 

  But not impossible either.