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  I take breaks from this blog and go on long walks in twittering bird and critter scampering forested hills, a can of bear spray on my hip just in case. Lately I’ve been doing less and less reading and more and more walking, and the forest is a vast place of peace for me. 

  Most of us have lost touch with the forest and the Life it embodies. Our frame of reference is the City and our fellow humans and the thoughts and ideas which are the currency of the day. But it is an artificial rhythm we live and no matter how clever and intricate the ideas and conceptions there is no center to them, no roots back to nature and Life, no peace and no oneness. 

  So through this life of our’s we are presented with a stark and fateful dilemma: do we follow a conventional path, get an education so as to be more or less functional in an increasingly dysfunctional community; or do we go our own way, carve our own path, and seek out the scattered few quiet souls who unknowingly represent a new community waiting to be born?

  It’s not an easy choice. 

  And many of us have been lulled by ease and the promise of even more. 

  But take a walk in a forest. 

  Ease is not the way of Life. 

  Activity, movement and growth is. 

  The choice is our’s.