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  Actually, not much chance of that happening. We as a species are too bound to tradition. We don’t like change, and fear and revile those who would urge it upon us. 

  I’m not talking change for change’s sake here. I’m talking a return to a oneness with the living flow of Life. 

  But then, how is that to be achieved today when most of us live in cities, that most artificial of human constructs? And those that don’t, those that live outside amidst a largely subdued and subjugated nature, who can say they are not tied in some way or other to the city, either emotionally, psycho-intellectually, or economically? 

  No, sadly. The factors inhibiting or outright obstructing any wish we might have of returning to the living Flow of Nature, attaining Satori you might say, or put another way, atoning (at-one-ing) for our sins, are too numerous, ingrained, too completely assimilated into the very fibre and makeup of our being to be easily extracted, expunged, purged or exorcized. 

  We are who we are…

  Or, more accurately, we are who we have become…

  Was it Goethe who made the distinction between that which has become and that which is in the act of becoming?  That which is set fast, stuck; and that which is in flow?

  Yes, it was….

Life (that which is becoming) is ALL there is.