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Response to an email received the other day:

Thanks for the kind words,

  Leaving behind my science studies unfinished some thirty plus years ago I craved something more out of life, something nobody seemed to be addressing, or nobody in my narrow circle at any rate. I had an intense hunger for knowledge and learning and felt all courses of study offered in school too restrictive and specialized for the sort of holistic inclusive understanding of all manner of things which was very gradually taking shape within me. So I decided to go it alone, as a blank slate you might say, having come from the scientific realm of world visioning. I could think reasonably well, as everyone can to a greater or less degree today, but nothing seemed to add up, nothing seemed to fit together in a meaningful way. 

  So that is the origin of whatever goes on here at the Cafe. Thirty plus years later I’ve put things together in a satisfactory manner, I’ve landed upon a comprehensive understanding and outlook for all Life in general, and now seek to share it with others. 

  A funny thing about Joyce and Ulysses is that I didn’t get to where I’m at studying him, it’s just too difficult and confused a task. I read him early on and got virtually nothing out of it. For years I left his books unopened on the shelf. It was all my other studies and experiences in life that gradually got me around to having another go at him again. And having grown and broadened in experience and outlook Ulysses grew as well, until the point came when my world outlook had pretty much taken shape and low and behold, Joyce had gone there before me! Who knew? And what I found more intriguing, why hadn’t anybody else gotten there too? And of course the answer is because the vast majority of people are happy (or not) to take the path most taken. There is always comfort in the herd, discomfort and sometimes discouragement, especially early on, when cutting out on one’s own. 

  So that, in a nutshell you could say, is why I’ve created the Omphalos Cafe. Others, many others, have come before me, but who today seems to be talking about them? Who is helping questing young men and women today as they struggle to discover their own unique way in the world with all its myriad distractions and would-be-prophets and intellectuals? Their paths are fraught with false road markers and cheap self-serving hucksters. It’s what our world has become today.

  And yet that too is part of the whole, part of the integrated world picture I aim to share. Am I just another voice amongst the millions crying out to be heard? Of course. But truth will shine through in the end. I have faith. 

  And what’s more it’s a great deal of fun too!

  This flaunting of conventional learning is part of what we need more of in this life of our’s, it’s become Play for me! 

  So good luck and all the best with your journey,