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  Life is all around us, and indeed it is us.

  In spite of how far away our ability to think might lead us. 

  The reality is that our thinking—the ability to hold on to a thought image in (mostly) the front lobes of our brains—came late to the game, only say 70,000 years ago. 

  Until then our lives and actions had more in common with the featured butterfly and eagle than we’d like to believe. 

  But what changes have those ideas wrought since! Just look out upon the world today. 

  Unfortunately, in the process we’ve lost sight and oneness with our roots, with what we share with the butterfly and eagle. 

  Words fail, precisely because they are thought images and not, as above, what we share with the butterfly and eagle. 

  For that reason the Cafe periodically falls silent.

  What is there really to say?

  Except perhaps AUM….

  Which is another way of saying…

  Life is ALL there is