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  Haven’t written much of late. Not worried. Never am. Been taking a lot of photos, deleting most, fumbling around with RAW, and listening to Joseph Campbell on audiobooks.

  The words of the day are ‘transparent to the transcendent.’

  That’s the way Campbell depicts a symbol. Not the sort of symbol people discuss in the classroom, analyze and dissect. But the one we’re hardly capable of experiencing anymore, the one that shoots right through our eyeballs with their direct connection to the rational thinking brain and lands with a bang at the deepest centres of our experiential being. 

  Campbell also refers to them as ‘innate releasing mechanisms.’ 

  More big words. 

  But back to symbols, and great artworks I’d add, being ‘transparent to the transcendent.’ That is, things in the outer world through which we catch a glimpse of the ‘transcendent.’

  But then, what is meant by ‘transcendent?’

  That which is beyond? Outside? Up in Heaven, you might say? The ultimate (rational) mystery?

  Nah. It’s right here, right now, inside and motivating every act in us, every misguided thought, every emotion. 

  It is Life, that which is in the process of passing through each and every one of us this instant, indeed each and every living creature, every organism, great and small. 

  The Hindus would call it Atman—that which is passing through each so-called individual, and Brahman—the totality of every living creature’s passing through. 

  Ahh, but how to put all that into words? How describe that which underlies everything but cannot and will never be seen?

  Atman and Brahman have served in the past. 

  See through what I’m getting at?

  And that’s why I (almost) never tire of saying….

  Life is ALL there is….