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I am sitting, or more accurately lying, in the bunk of my truck waiting to be loaded with the salads and assorted produce I’ll haul back north to where we don’t grow anything but wheat and the animals that eat wheat. 

  It is warm here in sunny California and I’ve opened the windows to allow for any breeze which might perchance blow through.

  And I’m reading for the fourth or fifth time my abridged hardcover version of Oswald Spengler’s colossal Decline of the West. 

  I crack open the volume and under the heading “Man and Woman” there’s this:

  “A fathomless secret of the cosmic flowings that we call Life is their separation into two sexes.”—Oswald Spengler, Decline of the West

  Ok, I immediately enthuse, this is the real thing. Though who on earth would be open to such a profound truth remains beyond me I sit up and opening my handy iPad add it to my ‘Quotes’ file.

  That done I read further down the page. 

  Oh my:

  “The feminine stands closer to the Cosmic. It is rooted deeper in the earth and it is immediately involved in the grand cyclic rhythms of Nature. The masculine is freer, more animal, more mobile—as to sensation and understanding as well as otherwise—more awake and more tense.”—Oswald Spengler, Decline of the West

  Gawd, I think to myself, this only seems to be written in the English language, as translated from its original German. But who is there to feel the reality behind the words today, rational and literate as we’ve become? 

  Oh well, I lie back, no point in attempted explanations. 

  Soon I’ll be on my way.