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In response to a series of comments left on videos at the Omphalos Cafe:

Well Nick,

Such a load of words and learning.

I don’t really have a reply to all that thought and opinion beyond what I expressed in my video ‘James Joyce’s Ulysses and the Failure of our Educational System.’

I’m not trying to be rude or dismissive when I say this, but you and your learning do not belong here at the Omphalos Cafe. I’ve been forthright about that in several videos, saying and fully meaning: this place is not for everyone.

What’s going on here, for want of better terms, is on a different plain of experience, a different dimension. It’s a case of Apples and Oranges, or much more accurately, Oranges and Golden Apples.

I just went in to my compendium of quotes for something apt to the moment here, and while there were a good dozen that might have served I’ve settled for this simple one which will serve for the intent of my videos and Joyce’s work as a whole:

“The satori plane can never be reached by the rationalistic plane, however ingeniously it may be handled.”— D.T. Suzuki, Living By Zen, pg. 94

All the best, Nick, but please spare the Cafe your opinion in the future.