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Snapped while waiting outside school for sonny boy, and what this is all about, sort of….

Short day at work today. Time enough to mull over details of my next video. I do my best public speaking in the cab of an eighteen wheel tractor-trailer hurtling past half frozen countryside just before dawn. If only the camera were rolling then!

Anyway, got away early and returned home to record the remnants of inspiration.

And what do you know but there’s a comment on a YouTube video awaiting my approval!

A young woman says she read Dubliners in high school and now felt ready to have a go at Ulysses.

I of course wished her the best, after restating my belief that the book was actually easier as well as far more profound than most people would have her believe.

What most people would have her believe. I like that, because at heart that is the crux of the matter.

What most people would have her believe, and what, in spite of most people, she will come to believe on her own.

That is, how to distinguish one’s own faint and all too tentative inner voice from the hullabaloo surrounding oneself. And while the hullabaloo increases with each passing year no less!

And what, pray tell, does Ulysses have to offer a young woman today?

Ahh, plenty!

For instance, how does a young woman choose her man? What criteria of the heart, mind and body does she employ? If she does at all I should add, because opting out in one way or another is an option too.

And what is Ulysses about if not that? Not the opting out I should add.

To live an integral life while navigating the choppy waters of a potentially deep and abiding pair bond (I was going to say ‘sexuality’, but that wasn’t comprehensive enough.)

Not so easy.

Sort of like reading Ulysses I guess.