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So I’m back from the auto shop where our vehicle was in on a recall. Quick and painless, these recalls for the most part. Didn’t cost a dime.

Anyway, I sit down at the kitchen table and open my laptop. While glancing through a few unimportant articles on the net I pluck the strings of my handy Norman guitar.

Then setting the guitar aside I begin typing, nothing much at first. But it isn’t long before I’ve typed myself into a certain undefinable place, a crazy mad place, one maybe sharable only here at the Omphalos Cafe:

It isn’t another world I am struggling to expound or describe, it is our world seen through different, altered eyes. It is the world as it truly is, devoid of intervening and distorting screens of confusion or ignorance. Never before have we collectively been as ready as we undoubtedly are today for change, for the final irrevocable leap from that who we were to that which we might become. The world is crying out for us on every side.

Cast aside your preconceptions, your hesitancies and your doubts. Life lies squarely at your feet; you have only to reach down and grab hold of it!

Astonishing, revolutionary stuff, of which I speak. I sound madder and madder, I admit. But I don’t care. Everything, and I mean Everything with a capital ‘E’ has conspired to prepare us for this very moment. The only question is whether or not we have the courage to claim it, or will we let it lie about until some further generation discovers the inner fortitude to transcend themselves.

We have that opportunity right now. We can be as Christs, as Buddhas, as whomever you might want to believe had all the questions answered, all the mysteries plumbed.

Their sayings and their truths and the blathering of those who claim to ‘understand’ them fill our bookshelves to overflowing, but let me just say this:

They are dead and gone. Passed. They lived their day and wrestled with the Great Mystery to the utmost of their beings and succeeded to a greater or less degree in sharing with others of their time and later their vision. What they left behind is available to us today, in book form, but it is WE that are alive and WE who need plumb the depths anew and re-experience the simple and pellucid truth of Life for ourselves. We have every prophet and wise man and woman of every age and epoch inside us this very moment, waiting to blossom forth from our breast and speak the most profound and unparalleled truths ever uttered, ever utterable.

Stand forth and be heard!