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A party animal....

A party animal….

“No other mechanism devised by the human mind succeeds so well in transmitting that mind’s quality to another sentient being.”—Mark Kingwell, Why We Write: Sharing the True Essence of Ourselves, Special to the Globe and Mail, July 11, 2015

Reasonable, I suppose, if you think about it.

But you know what?

Thinking came late to Life’s party, here on planet earth that is. Festivities had been in full swing for upwards of four billion years. It being only a matter of time until we confirm to ourselves the ubiquity of Life throughout the universe.

I only quoted fellow Canadian Kingwell above to illustrate the kind of locked-in-the-box-key-nowhere-to-be-found thinking that has trapped us in a sort of dead end maze of our own devising. No surprise there, he being a professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Anyway, what’s alarming is that thinking has become the life of Life’s party. Sadly though, more and more of the astonishingly diverse guests are leaving, or worse, being kicked out. If current trends keep up, what kind of shindig will it be in a few century’s time?

And so we, perhaps sensing a flagging party spirit, endeavour to reconnect to something lost, something undefinable, ephemeral, strive to transcend limitations inherent in thought. Music, dance, sex and drugs, yogic meditation, a sound such as AUM murmured until it expands to encompass the entire galaxy and thus crowd out thought—all serve as keys to the box.

Have you found your key?

Well then party on!

‘Cause Life is ALL there is….