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He hasn't got a thought in his head... but he Knows!

He hasn’t got a thought in his head… but he Knows!

Tough slogging last few posts, that’s for sure.

All that stuff about new religions and old, Christianity not our’s originally and how it’s kind of shifted Western culture. Advanced curricula, you might say.

But it’s all founded on a very basic Truth, the only Truth really, and one with all our learning we frequently forget. That is, until someone comes along to remind us.

Walk out back with me. What is going on? The sun is shining, a light breeze is stirring the air, cars and traffic can be heard off in the distance, and Life is everywhere! The birds twittering and rolling around in their dirt baths, the insects foraging, bees making their rounds. Overturn a stone and countless critters scatter into the grass and below ground. There are trees and bushes, flowers, grasses and weeds and an unkempt pile composting in the corner.

Each and every species busy and thoroughly involved in the only thing they know: the generational flow, the Great Passing Through as I’ve called it. Every act of animal and insect an expression of that flow, every instant of their short lives—the individual nothing, the flow everything—plant and animal are attuned, one with that flow.

Look closely. When you examine an individual, plant or animal, the only  question to ask is how is it accomplishing the Great Passing Through? Observe, and while you do so squint your eyes a little to blur the outlines of the individual in order to imagine what it is that is flowing through from one generation to the next. It might take a day, a week, months, or years, depending on the species—nature is amazingly diverse in that way—but that and that alone is Life!

And then we can look upon and into ourselves. How do we, humankind, accomplish the Great Passing Through? The answer, and this is what fills libraries and throws us for such loops: COMMUNITY!

We pass from one generation to the next in groups. That is our biological advantage. That is what has got us where we are today: the group.

Loose, communicative, and highly adaptable groups of varying sizes.

Only, a funny thing happened along the way. Say between about fifty and one hundred thousand years ago, give or take: we learned to hold on to a thought. In adapting and communicating we developed the ability to hold on to an idea in our heads—the frontal lobe blossomed so to speak, and then our species really took wing!

Don’t be fooled by all those accumulated ideas, though, and they have an uncanny way of muscling out what really matter,  because Life is still simply passing through us, from one generation to the next.

Life—the Flow—is ALL there is and ever will be….

Not, perhaps, if you think about it….