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The Only New Age Worth Considering

The Only New Age Worth Considering

One day we’ll do away with them. Or not I suppose, but woe unto us if we don’t. We’ll finally realize they are what hold us back from a genuine, uninhibited experience of ourselves and Life! They were magic for millennia, and still hold us in thrall with their power, now mostly dissipated, diluted, drained. But oh, the residual fascination, the sheer inescapableness of habit, fed by School… the pride and hubris of Academics and the games they play.

I’m talking of course of symbols. Emblems, images used to encapsulate living forces, urges, impulses, trends and predilections. That which cannot be put into words, that which has no name. The ongoing Flow, The Great Passing Through as I affectionately dub it.

But ‘It’ is right here under our noses. We are alive and if we open ourselves to that reality we can experience ‘it’ in the most mundane of daily activities. The urge to community, the desire to move out from under the care of our parents and into the (community’s) world, and the yearning for a mate to share the journey and the labor of passing on with.

And then, with time, the realization that ultimately ‘we’ don’t matter one jot. Life is merely passing through us to the next generation. We as individuals are nothing, an abstraction of an over-excited intellect, but in reality only temporary, momentary carriers, vessels, embodiments of the Flow.

The Flow all; we nothing!

The New Age, thousand upon thousand year old symbols scrambled and recombined in order to pander to our fragile egos, is a hurdle to be overcome, jettisoned.

Life is All there is….

And the symbols stand between us and that one simple truth….