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What the heck should I say now.... and why is that camera staring at me?

What the heck should I say now…. and why is that camera staring at me?

 “Now, when the social organism is in fragments, when criticism has taken up everything in order to destroy and refound everything, a hero appears—as I have already said, it seems—who will sustain the temple on his shoulder and gather up in the silence of his generous and despairing heart the love which has abandoned the multitudes.”— Elie Faure, The Dance Over Fire And Water

Haven’t done much by way of blogging these days. What’s it been, four months?

Truth is, although the blogging medium still interests me and I intend on sticking with it moving forward, more and more I question the efficacy of it reaching the souls it’s intended to touch.

Who has time these days to read, …what’s more—to ponder, reflect, ruminate? The school has won, we pile degree upon degree and move ever further… from ourselves.

With that in mind I’ve been working on other mediums, playing a little music but more importantly capturing or incorporating the Cafe on video.

No easy task for a non-techy like me.

Weeks and now months have gone by playing around with video cameras, mics and software to put what I have in mind into some form of relatively cohesive whole. Not to mention the hours and hours of recordings, amateur introductory montages, me improvising awkwardly, reading expressionlessly or otherwise ruining a sequence with an untimely cleaning out of earwax.

No matter, it’s all in good fun, and, as I look around, do a little research into exactly what is propagated as ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ these days, via books, university curricula, iTunes U, and a small sampling of what’s available on Youtube, I’m reminded how important, how crucial it is to stay the course, rejoice, and share with whomever wishes the wonders of the Cafe.

See you soon.