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It sure does.

But don’t think about it and all is well.

A bit of a sabbatical, from posting at any rate.

Publishing a post to a certain time frame is not what the Omphalos Cafe has been about. Here time does not exist, at least in a manner we readily comprehend.

Ahh, let’s embrace the conundrums! the New Agey quackisms!

Ok, so I’m rusty.

The Omphalos Cafe is a place we all aspire to, yearn and even clamour for. It is the place all religions have ushered humankind towards, only they do so in the context of a defined community: they say “we are in and a rich and full life is to be lived as a member of our group and nobody else’s”. All well and good I suppose, until one “in” group’s way of life collides with another’s. Or perhaps the group’s circumstances and environment change to the point of necessitating an updating, evolution or growth of its organized religion.

Come to think of it, the images above are illustrative of both “in” groups colliding and changing circumstances and environment: they were shot on an aboriginal reserve west of Calgary, Alberta.

The Omphalos Cafe? Same ultimate place as all religions point to, only the group has changed—the boundaries having dissolved it has grown to comprise all of life… plant, animal, you name it. Even life 1400 light years from planet Earth!

New tack. I’m becoming more interested in playing with photos, and perhaps even film.

I imagine a time laps clip involving let’s say five or ten generations. Someone is born, they grow and mature, bond with another and the next generation is born and raised. The first dies off and we follow the next… and then the next… and next again. Always birth, growth, struggle and change, heartache and joy. Always a new birth and always a passing. No purpose but the ever onward flow, all pain and passion incidental, individuality an illusion to be transcended.

Ideas are tools we pick up and lay aside when a task is done, and ever the flow continues.

WE are ideas the living flow pick up for a brief instant and then lay aside once more.

Get over it….

Life is ALL there is….