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Little to do with the post, but I like the shot…

“Satori, being beyond the limits of reasonable demonstration, has no fixed, predetermine, authorized methods of proving itself to the uninitiated.”—D.T. Suzuki, Living By Zen

Still playing guitar. Lots of it. Now covet a twelve stringer. Six will and does do, but twelve will do more, has a richer, fuller, more nuanced sound. Consequently not too many thoughts these days beyond the odd jotting in a notebook.

But then I read the above quote and BANGO! …it’s time for a post. A post on nothing at all… and everything! Very Zen too that.

And then, further down the page:

“As satori has no tangible body to lay hands on, aspirants for it have to evolve it somehow from within themselves.“—(italics mine) D.T. Suzuki, Living By Zen

Aahhhh! “… [E]volve it somehow from within themselves!”

‘Nuff said. More would simply cloud the issue.

Of course you could say the clouds add nuance to the quality of light shining down, and with that I’m right back where I began, nowhere… and everywhere!

And when you’re flailing away getting nowhere and everywhere at once, best throw in another quote:

“What is this? Cannot you see it? It is right here this very moment. If I resort to words, it is three thousand miles away.”—Words of Zen master Seppo, D.T. Suzuki, Living By Zen

Oh shite, …”… for talking means appealing to intellectualization, which will never bring us to the abode of peace.”—D.T. Suzuki, Living By Zen

The Abode of Peace. Right here right now. Oneness with self and all creation. Atonement with the Great Passing Through.

Not only that, in a New Agey sense, but the Place to which all learning coalesces. All history, art, religion, literature, philosophy, science, you name it, all enriched and enlivened—not with multiple degrees and doctorates—not with a comprehensive grasp of what is OUT THERE… three thousand miles away… but with awareness, satori… of the Place… that is nowhere… and everywhere.

Right here and right now.

” ….”

‘Nuff said!