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At the heart of the Omphalos Cafe is a Western approach to a oneness which, for want of a better term, is Zen. It has been in the works for over a hundred years now, tentative, groping towards a new light, faltering but ever urged forward again… by Life itself!

Every direction I turn I see unmistakable evidence of this incipient awakening, and every direction I turn I also see resistance to the change that Life is crying out for. For vested interests, whether material, political, intellectual, or spiritual, always oppose the growth of what will one day supplant their preeminence, like giant trees in a forest gobbling up the light and keeping it from young shoots breaking the surface of the soil below.

We seem stuck in the past. Ideas can do that, for they always enclose and encapsulate what is done, finished. The new, the awakened, has little need for ideas; it is alive and fully participating in the creative potential that is NOW…. this very moment.

What is awakening, what is growing up organically beneath the overarching edifice tradition and Western science and ‘learning’ have erected pell mell will result in the crumbling and dissolving of the great accumulation of old and dead ideas hampering and hemming us in today. Already this dissolution is taking place around and beneath us. The old compartmentalization that has dogged and impeded Western learning going back a thousand years is evaporating.

Literature, philosophy, theology, psychology, political science, history, art, geology and biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy: the boundaries are disappearing.

The many are being revealed as aspects of the One.

…. Life is ALL there is….

Coming soon:

Symbols Are Not Literary… They Are Biological!