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Two filaments of The Great Passing Through…two streams in the continuum, engaged in the Dance Of Life

“Satori is the continuum becoming conscious of it. When it perceives itself as it is in itself there is a satori.”

“Silence is probably the most eloquent way of indicating or suggesting it.”

“In conformity with this view gained in satori, the Zen master is a most ordinary man with no mysteries, with no miracles about him; he is not distinguishable from a man in the street. He talks conventionally, acts like a sensible man, and eats and drinks like ordinary human beings.”—D.T. Suzuki, Living By Zen

The continuum.

Or as I’ve put it here at the Cafe, The Great Passing Through. That which is flowing through us, you and I and every living being large and small on planet earth and beyond from countless generations past to countless generations to come.

That’s the thing about the Hub, touch it, experience it, and one looks out on all existence as from a centre. What Dr. Suzuki refers to as ‘the continuum’ you grasp as ‘The Great Passing Through’, another as ‘the void’, another—although this risks limiting or drawing bounds about what is illimitably one—’Grace’ or ‘God.’

All merely spokes leading away from the centre–the hub, supporting the periphery if you will.

All, perceived from the periphery—the world as we understand it in our day to day lives—avenues to enlightenment.