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“And the second [Spenglarian pseudomorphoses] might be termed the Levantine revenge; namely, the massive diffusion of Pauline Christianity over the whole culture field of Europe, after which the native Celtic and Germanic sense of being, and manner of experience, we’re compelled to find both expression and support in alien terms, antipodal, or even antipathetic, to every native sentiment and impulse.”— Joseph Campbell, Occidental Mythology

“The Roman Catholic Church, what we and most historians would consider one of the very foundation stones of our Western European civilization, was actually an alien institution lying massively across the soil and soul of our ancestors here in the West.”—Xenon, in conversation at the Omphalos Cafe.

“By the time Martin Luther hauled our sorry asses out of the suffocating grip of the Church hardly anything was left of our genuine Celtic and Germanic heritage; he freed our souls from the Church and shackled them to a Book. Unfortunately for us, and now humanity in general, not our own Celtic/Germanic Book but one from a distant place and time.”—Xenon

Do you ever wonder about the proliferation of the fantasy romance genre? The fascination and obsession with the wizardry of Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, George Martin, and countless, countless others?

I don’t.

It was an awful long time coming, lurking in the background, skulking in dark recesses underground. Sending roots down into the nourishing soil, but until recently—a century or two at most—having every tender shoot that broke the surface into the light of the sun clipped back or dug up.

Only now are we utterly free.

But I wonder: what will we make of this freedom?