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The Omphalos. The Hub around which it all revolves. “Around which what revolves?” I hear someone say.

It. Everything. Life, as we perceive it. Not as we experience it, though. For the experience, should we succeed in experiencing, radiates outward from the Hub, the Omphalos. The Navel.

Our hearts beat, Life courses through our frames. It urges me on this very instant to write these fragmentary words and give form to all I see and feel, while simultaneously working to heal a damaged achilles tendon. It’s funny that way, working on so many levels at once.

Some of those levels are personal, such as the achilles healing process,  to do mainly with my specific organism; while others are less specific to me, more communal.

My wife is presently returning from walking my son to school. We are seven years into the protracted twenty-odd year process of raising a fully fledged male member of the community. What community? The world community, as I see it. Nothing less suffices anymore.

Which brings me back to the Omphalos Cafe, my humble effort towards fashioning a better, broader, more universal understanding of community. A breaking down or dissolving of the walls separating individuals and sub-communities from one another. It’s all an extension of bringing up Sonny-Boy into the adult world, the flowing through of Life to him and hopefully beyond, I suppose.

Truths? Sure, these are some of the things I’ve come to learn in the course of my life, as best I can convey them.

Life is flowing through you and I and every other living being this very moment. It’s flowing through our slumbering cat Max and the birds twittering outside my window as I write these words. It’s flowing through the occupants of the cars I hear driving by the street outside and my neighbor’s barking dog, Lucy.

Truths? These are not my Truths. They are merely my take on that which belongs to everyone and everything.

All Things Are Buddha Things

Isn’t that just another way of saying….

Life is ALL there is?