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This is a short post. Sonny-Boy is coughing and sleep has suffered, plus much of my spare time has been occupied with my first iBook purchase, the new biography of Steve Jobs.

How does one pass along an iBook when one is done? I’ll have to look into it.

A stray thought did come to mind, which I managed to jot down before the next coughing fit.

Who but an Artist, a Poet, should we listen to? All else is merely information, and what are we to do with that?

Periodically I resort to capitalizing certain words. I can’t help myself. How else make the distinction between what has been degraded, diluted of meaning–of magic, and the ineffable, the sublime, that which by its very nature defies definition?

The cramped information-minded souls will make a competently passable definition employing a great many beguiling words, but will it sing a beauteous hymn that touches something deep within our being and kindle a fire? Will it lift us, elevate and energize our soul? Hardly.

So Art, Poetry, God–the Great Flowing Through–, Life and Love are frequently capitalized here at the Omphalos Cafe.

You might say the Cafe is all about re-capitalizing a lower case world.

This is thin, so I’ll end with a quote:

“There have been and always will be books which are truly revolutionary–that is to say, inspired and inspiring. They are few and far between, of course. One is lucky to run across a handful in a lifetime.”   –Henry Miller, The Books In My Life