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Take a deep breath. Feel the life giving oxygen fill your lungs. Hold it in and follow it as it befriends millions of blood cells before they speed on their way to all corners of your being, refreshing, enlivening, empowering. Now exhale slowly and silently bid the molecules thanks and Godspeed on their route to rendezvous with a specimen of the plant world and re-oxygenation.

That’s good. Let’s do it again. …In…Hold…Out. Excellent

Now synchronize your eyes to the rhythm of your breathing. Take in one letter with each intake…and then the next with the exhalation. Long slow focused inhalation… ‘T’; hold; now slowly let the breath flow from the deepest recesses of your being… ‘a’.

Yeah, I didn’t think so. You’re dizzy from all that heavy breathing and you’ve only gotten as far as ‘breath’ in the first sentence.

Plus, this blogging business doesn’t operate at such a glacial pace. It’s fast, darn near instantaneous. I write a post. More or less proofread it. A few quick taps on the laptop and it’s flashing through space, wire, and what not, to end up within seconds published in the blogosphere.

Somehow a few souls find their way to the site on their travels through the Internet. Most move on without a second thought. The odd one clicks on a ‘like’ button, or writes a comment such as ‘nice post’. Take the term ‘odd’ in the previous sentence any way you want.

It all happens so fast, it’s miraculous. We’re connected together at the speed of light. That’s 300,000 kilometers per second, or a billion plus kilometers per hour.

It would take this post just a little under two seconds to travel to the moon, something like eight minutes plus to reach the sun.

But, can anybody tell me what the speed of the soul is? What is the speed of a growing flower, or tree? What is the speed of a growing child, or a teenager struggling to discover his or her place in this frenetically paced world of ours? Of an adult, seemingly all together yet inwardly conscious that something very important has somehow pass them by?

Flash that one across the Internet: what is the speed of the soul?

Because Life is All there is.