There, in my last post, ‘Life: The Great Passing Through’, I went and did it. I outed the G-word, at least for this not-so-modest blog.

For those hundreds of thousands that read the post hot off the press you might have missed it. Somehow in publishing it the last phrase of a paragraph, containing a reference to God, was omitted. It is central to the piece and this whole Omphalos Cafe in general. Well, sort of.

So understandably the entire proofreading and editorial departments have been cashiered, docketed, pink-slipped, and canned.

The word God is so freighted, weighted down with …baggage, there was a slight hesitation before I waded into the waters. It’s kind of a big topic, so where does one begin?

Well, why not begin right here and right now, I thought? But make sure the link between the big ‘G’ and community is made clear.

Here’s a little something I jotted down a while ago, in conversation with Xenon concerning publication of the Omphalos Cafe:

Short stories, brief sketches, and in the summing of their tales lie the answers to all mystery. Perhaps Life is too vast for one voice to ever hope to encompass, yet a single image is enough to span the abyss that lies between the Poet’s Truth and the heart and mind of the listener. …But, and here is where the message goes awry: all depends on what experience the listener brings to bear upon the missive.

The Poet’s Truth. That’s capital ‘P’ poet, mind you. I’m talking about the wine that Some Guy a long time ago said you wouldn’t put into old skins. He got into trouble for that one, fell afoul of the old skin merchants.

Today the old skins lie all about, threadbare and tattered. They’ve been plenty patched too. Quilt-like, they continue to provide comfort and solace to a great many. However, there are those for which the tattered old skins or quilts are simply not enough.

Maybe they’ll find something worth sipping on at the Omphalos Cafe.

A glass of the house wine perhaps?