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  “Our study will deal primarily with those societies in which myth is—or was until very recently—‘living’, in the sense that it supplies models for human behaviour and, by that very fact, gives meaning and value to life.”—Mercia Eliade, Myth and Reality

  The golden mountain still stirs something inside. That’s good, it means we are not entirely dead yet. 

  But our myths, in the sense that Eliade refers to in the above passage, have died. And because of that our ‘models of human behaviour’ have crumbled too, leaving us hollow and empty and searching for a ‘meaning and value to life.’

  Just the other day a thought came to mind, I forget the context. “When the myth dies the psychologists have their day,” I mused. 

  Ah, but the mountain abides. 

  Maybe next May or June, when the winter’s snow finally disappears, I’ll climb her.