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  All Gods are projections upon an external screen of the energies at play within our own collective organic beings. All signs and portents, all mythic motifs, all astrology, tarot, you name it, emanations from within our own bodies, hearts and souls. 

  That sacred temple or shrine, statue or figurine, that mystical chart, zodiacal map, all chakras and mandalas, again you name it, a fashioning into form of what is alive and vital within ourselves. Artists, shamans sensitive to the voice or energies from within give shape and substance to their visions and it is those visions which awaken the latent energies of those around them less inwardly aware. 

  However, this modern over-rational world of our’s has largely dispelled the ‘myth’ of once powerful overarching visions. Hence the overwhelming sense of emptiness and ennui pervading public discourse and action. A great many would-be artists and shaman types have been drawn into the discussion and lose themselves in theories, debates and arguments. They have lost their way and as a consequence we have too. 

  Poetry has called this period of visionary absence The Waste Land, a time when poets and shamans have disappeared or been relegated to obscurity, neglect and ridicule. And as a result the mass of men and women live lives of quiet desperation as the song goes. Inner energies are left untapped, unawakened, and all that is left is drabness, monotony and sterility. 

  It can be a very dangerous time too, because energies left untapped remain energy all the same, and the danger is that some unscrupulous demagogue might come along and harness all that latent power to their own selfish ends. Hitler was such a demagogue. It is commonly held that he was a ‘failed artist’ in his formative years. I don’t subscribe to that narrative, for Germany became his canvas and it required millions of lives to tear his work up so that a new one might see the light of day. 

  So where’s the new narrative for us today? Where’s the new voices to sing and awaken us to the new possibilities? 

  Everywhere in germination I would say, but nowhere definitively yet. 

  The old Gods are dead and we crave a new relationship with Life and the world we inhabit. 

  Actually, it is within our beings this very moment, if we can just awaken to that reality. 

  All Life is the only living god left to us henceforward….

  And Life is ALL there is!