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Here I go again!

But what I’m really trying to say at first with my blog and then with these videos is “do not get lost in all the multifarious ways humankind has tried to give voice to those deepest mysteries.”

There are no deep mysteries!

This virus thing uses host organisms to accomplish its own passing through from one generation to the next, as does every single species on the planet! Where in a way I move beyond Campbell is turning it always back to the source, back to Life!

The real intent of psychology should be not patching people up to return to an essentially unbalanced and unawakened life, but to open people up to that Life! To attune them to Life’s ever ongoing flow. That is eternity and that is precisely what all the genuine shaman artists mystics throughout the ages have taught or preached!

Only now are we or can we leave our human centric perspective behind and perhaps open up to the fact that there is no difference whatsoever between us and any living organism on the planet. Literally none!

Up to now we’ve always placed ourselves more or less at the centre of it all. And yet now science with all its delving into biology and ecology and anthropology and whatever else studies life has opened up for the first time what should have been the obvious truth: we are part of the great living whole that is Life! Because we developed the ability to retain images in our vastly expanded brains, upwards of 50 to 150 thousand years ago, leading over the centuries and millennia to language, thought and idea, and leading also to an awakening of consciousness, that is, the ideation of ourselves, does not change the simple fact that we are alive and involved in the great generational flow that has been going on for upwards of 4 billion years on planet earth and no doubt on a myriad other suitable planets throughout the cosmos.

This view has a definite Western tinge to it, founded as it is on all the advances made across all the fields of study and science these last five or six hundred years. But it is enunciated as well in the Indian Upanishads too! They, or some of them at any rate, knew that all Life was one and could we only awaken to that fact, could we only get beyond the concepts and ideas foisted upon us by our community, we would see things as they truly are.

I’m talking the Tree of Life. The multifarious branching from one or perhaps many single celled organisms shortly following the aggregation of planet earth some 4.6 billion years ago, the blossoming forth in every direction, towards every opening and opportunity, and us humans inhabiting one tiny twig at the very tip of a branch, but still part of the whole.

That’s Henri Bergson’s Creative Evolution. Not a reduction a la Darwin, but an impelling up and out from within. A blind seeking after opportunities in which to survive and thrive by passing through from one generation to the next. And that timeless impelling of Life up and out urging knew species to sprout from others, that blind willing towards the next generation is still alive and pressing up from within each of us! That need for change, for oneness and wholeness. The aim of psychology should be to clear the way, to remove the obstacles placed in front of that upwards and outward urging by the shackles of our modern world and the failures or shortcomings of individual parents.

Ride that upward surge I say, climb aboard and surf that flow!

Just the writing of these things brings home the fact that I am ready now to make the leap. There is Truth and validity in the words I reread. A little chaotic, admitted, but that very chaos is Life’s chaos! The more I write to you the more I feel like the time has come to make the leap to singleminded creation, and fuck what might come! Be a joyous writing machine! A crazy fool songster trilling the wonder and simplicity of Life! A Holy Goof, clown or fool!

Ok, still cool outside but dammit I have to get out!