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World New Age Headquarters

  Last post I mentioned how I felt I did my best writing when responding to comments. Part of it is definitely having a specific reader in mind, but more important than that is having the freedom to play with a given topic, to free associate and try on different connections for size so to speak.

Who has the time to play these days, even amongst our young?


Thanks again  for another beautiful little comment, actually two. There’s so much in your words to get me going and I have so little time at present that I’ll just fire this one off.

First off, what I really get from your notes is an enthusiasm for learning, enthusiasm in the ‘inspirited,’ ‘inspired’ or ‘possessed’ meaning of the term, and I hail you for that. That in essence is where I’ve always come from and that’s where the Cafe’s roots go deep. Learning not as a purposeful chore with a definite aim in mind, but learning as vocation, as life commitment. Learning as action and process through life, and learning as enrichment.

And I smile at your references to the New Age and that Foundation for Inner Peace. Sounds vaguely Neo-Hippyish, which believe me is not intended as a slight. I’ve written that Joyce’s work was early New Age, a New Age with genuine grounding which was mostly aborted through the cataclysms of two world wars and all that has come since. With the late fifties and then the sixties the movement really gained momentum, but the real foundational work of Joyce and then Joseph Campbell was largely ignored or put on a shelf for easier instantaneous solutions which were no solutions at all. There’s where it all lies for me these days, I suppose.

And I’ve said the New Age these days only masquerades as such but is really just a fancy techno-repackaging of the Old Age.

Oh well, it’s all joyous to me nowadays, especially when I receive letters such as your’s. They give me the opportunity for playing around with notions…. and shouldn’t play be at the heart of it all?

Time to head off to an appointment with my accountant. Even that can be playful.

Thanks again. Though I don’t know when the next Joyce video will come about I look forward to sharing what for me is the biggest hint that something fundamental has shifted in the Bloom/Molly relationship leading her to affirm it and Life with her ‘Yes.’