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This is an email I sent off this morning to Moses Znaimer’s Ideacity Big Idea conference held annually in Toronto, Canada.

To Whom It May Concern,

  Believe me, I am fully aware how crazy what I write today must sound. But I’m ok with that and I’m ok with a quick and summary dismissal. 

  That’s because Big Ideas, and I’m talking about really Big Ideas ARE crazy… at first. Time is required. Time for the underlying truths they point towards to mature in individual’s hearts and minds. And initially it is only rare and perhaps scattered individuals who are converted so to speak. The tipping point when others, the general population you might say, catch on and climb aboard may take months, years, even decades or a century. By then he or she who first communicated the Big Idea may have passed on, but what matter in the end? 

  Now I say first communicated the Big Idea because they never pull it magically as if from a hat, it is always in the air the general population is breathing, it is always here and there in our environment, our surroundings. He or she who first communicates it has merely, after years and years of mulling seemingly disparate things over, brought the pieces together and combined them into something new. 

  That is the miracle of Copernicus and Einstein and countless others. Using and recombining what is generally available into something new and revolutionary, even world changing. 

  So having said all that I am submitting to you a Big Idea… a really Big Idea who’s time is coming. But rather than attempt to write it down here, though now that I think of it I could include the script I wrote, I’ll just say it can be found on my Omphalos Cafe YouTube channel, it’s title being ‘Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, And Where We’re Going. 

  Frankly, and this is where the craziness comes in, there is no bigger idea out there. 

  Thanks for your time and maybe even your consideration, 

Jeff Smith