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Ok, so it’s no oak, but it is appealing….

  Another podcast, this time while doing the dishes.

The sunny sounding voice was explaining: “The Perfected Being recognizes the oak tree in the acorn.”

Profound stuff, which of course I have both heard and read before.

Doesn’t it seem like the same pithy kernels of Truth keep getting endlessly trotted out and re-examined, reinterpreted and re-explained in this huge ‘Higher Wisdom’ game that is the New Age?

And where is it really getting us?

In circles, that’s where.

Which to my thinking isn’t surprising, since the logic underpinning it is circular, always revolving back on itself.

Nothing new is allowed in.

The New Age, as I’ve said before, ironically is nothing more than an endless rehashing of the Old Age.


There are no Perfected Beings, folks.

And one who in the full wisdom and awareness of his or her participation in Life, individuals the gurus refer to as ‘Perfected Beings’ when selling their particular brand of ‘enlightenment,’ would not just ‘recognize the oak tree in the acorn.’

They would recognize and celebrate acorn 2 on the oak tree in acorn 1.

And on and on…

Ponder that one for a moment…

Or an eternity….