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  I’m up! It’s not pretty, but for a second attempt after 35 years, pretty satisfying…


Over three months since my last post here in the Cafe.

Spanning the long hot months of a busy summer.

Driving truck mostly, riding the motorcycle less so unfortunately.

Family, Sonny-Boy’s soccer, and two videos uploaded to YouTube.

Is that all?

How can that be?

But of course it isn’t, just as three months of your summer cannot possibly be fully summarized by three or four events or highlights, no matter how memorable.

What about the unspoken, inexpressible current that flows beneath the surface of our outward activity?

That which is all too frequently overlooked in our haste to enumerate or encapsulate the happenings of our days?

Who gives those stretches of time, the majority of time in most cases, their just due?

The sweet and silent interstices.