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The Cafe's just over there!

The Cafe’s just over there!

Maybe these things cannot be written down, are best shared by word, from one solitary soul to another. I’m talking the living dynamically fluid Word as opposed to what we receive when signs on a (digital) page are ingested into the mind.

“I don’t really get any of it,” she was saying.

“That’s ok,” I responded, “don’t even try.”

Seeds, I thought to myself, these posts and now videos are nothing more than seeds meant to pollinate the future.

Wow, grandiose, what?

Don’t try, I repeat. Let things seep in slowly, work behind the scenes, unconsciously if you will. You ever take a test, find yourself stumped, move on to the next questions, and further along the line the bell goes ‘DING!’ and the answer to the stumper is served up from somewhere deep inside? That’s what I’m talking about.

We try with our brains, we create with something else, something deeper, more mysterious. It is Life bubbling up.

Episode two of the Omphalos Cafe on Youtube has now gone live. You cannot imagine the fun I’m having doing them, amateur as they are.

One man step forward and attempt to alter the way in which we humans have been going about our business for centuries, indeed millennia? The man is obviously nuts!