He Knows...

He Knows…

Back again.

Never really went anywhere, just playing at different things. Music, photography, taking video.

Lots of reading, mostly review…  history of the last three odd centuries. With special emphasis on last two. From about the age of Napoleon… one long protracted agonized birth of the Modern world. Ack, but I don’t like that word. Too tangled up in Idea. How about: ‘one long protracted agonized birth of the NOW!’

Which we are still of course in the midst of today, just don’t go getting all tangled up in an obfuscating clutter of ‘isms’. They’re done with, if we truly want to move on. Crutches for those unwilling or unable to walk.

Lay your crutches aside and walk out into the light! (I declaim that one with arms raised.)

Hence my periodic stepping away from the tyranny of words.

Should just post photos or videos, but I’m not good enough yet to capture what I truly want to convey.

The indescribable essence.

The Flow.

I’ll stick with portraits, for NOW.