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Trees, mountains, glass, concrete and steel...

Trees, mountains, glass, concrete and steel…

Can we do it?

Can we live without the backstory, the underpinning of … God, for want of another term?

I mean, God works, sort of, and to a certain limited extent. The trouble is communities have always been local affairs, rooted in environment and tailored to the rhythms, wants and needs of the land. Live amidst trees and mountains and one’s Gods take on the quality of trees, mountains, the skies above and rivers flowing down from on high. One dances to their rhythms and learns oneness with community within the context of trees, mountains, sky and river, plus of course whatever serves as food sustenance.

Live amidst the grassy plains hunting and then herding the large animals at hand and again the Gods reflect that reality. How many differing circumstances have humankind managed to find themselves amidst, how many Gods we’ve summoned forth from within to reflect and embody ourselves and the world!

Now, our cultures having spanned the immensity of the globe, our Gods seek to encompass such diversity. But can they? Of the thousands upon thousands of human-evoked Gods from the darkest reaches of the past a mere handful remain, tenacious, unwavering. Uber-Metaphors instilling and inspiring and ultimately dividing us.

Uber-Metaphors to be overcome, transcended.

Relicts of the past, impediments to the future.

There is only Life, sacred Life, just as it is. The flowing through from one generation to the next and then down into the next again.