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“This experience, which happens over and over, only convinces me the more that ‘we’ create nothing, that ‘it’ is doing it for us and through us, and that if we could really tune in, as it were, we would do as Whitman said—make our own Bibles.”—Henry Miller, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

Short and (maybe) sweet.

What is ‘it’ that Miller alludes to?

Why, Life, of course. That–as I’ve said before–which is passing through us.

And the ‘making of our own Bibles’? Why not? We’re alive, while those who made—mouthed or wrote the words we’re so fond of revering–have passed. The books they left us are no different than shells lying on a beach, inert matter once mobilized by a living being.

We owe no allegiance or reverence to the book or the shell, but the Life that created them.

We are a continuance of that Life!

Touch that truth and you, as Whitman sang, “will possess the origin of all poems.”